At Elliot Remington, we have passion with a purpose. Our mission is to provide automotive aficionados with the highest level car detailing Charleston SC has ever seen. We offer quality asset management care by carefully selecting the best aftercare products and incorporating specific methodology to ensure all our client vehicles are kept in the best possible conditions. We mitigate and protect every single component of your vehicle. We offer paint preservation, paint restoration, and paint protection services to maintain the quality of your investment. We service high-end luxury vehicles and guarantee quality in our work. If you’ve been searching for the best car detailing Charleston SC has to offer, look no further. Elliot Remington provides the quality service and care that your vehicle craves.


Aftermarket Care and Car Maintenance are vital in order to prolong the life of our cars. When it comes to car detailing Charleston SC, no one offers better service and care than your staff at Elliot Remington. Getting regular oil changes and repairs is crucial to the longevity of a vehicle. Often times we overlook protecting the exterior of our vehicle, specifically the paint. Car paint is exposed to a great deal of hazardous elements including salt air, rock chips, insect acid, dirt and debris. They occur from everyday driving regardless of how cautious we are. Adding a layer of paint protection can prevent damage to your vehicle’s paint and prolong its value. At Elliot Remington, we want to preserve your vehicle’s paint. Come see us for the best car detailing Charleston SC has to offer.