The best Auto Detailing Charleston has to offer

Step 1: Clean

We start with a simple wash, gently exfoliating the painted surfaces using Australian lambswool wash mitts and pH balanced soaps. Carefully removing excess dirt, salt accumulation, and road grime.

Decontamination continues with clay bar and environmental fallout treatments. Here we remove harmful toxins and prepare the surface for correction or protection.

Interior Services

Designed to break down built-up bacteria, dirt, proteins, and stains; our comprehensive interior detailing service starts with a compressed air treatment to remove dust and debris from air vents, seats, and interior surfaces. Next, we conduct a  thorough vacuuming of all nooks, crannies, and crevices. We use steam to kill bacteria and break down stubborn dirt on interior surfaces, door panels, and seats. Upholstery and carpets are then extracted using a three-step process to ensure cleanliness. Before finishing with a window and glass cleanse, we use Ozone to neutralize bacteria and odors at the molecular level leaving the vehicle completely sterile.

Leather Reconditioning

Often overlooked, leather is a supple and absorbent natural material. Dust, dirt, and oils become trapped in the fibers creating noticeable blemishes. We use all natural, oil-free cleaners and conditioners to return your leather back to a refined finish.

Exterior Services

Decontamination Wash

A must for vehicles requiring paint correction and a key step in long-term paint preservation.  The vehicle is hand washed using Australian lambswool wash mitts before applying a clay treatment, producing a smooth and glass-like surface. Harmful environmental and road contaminants are removed chemically and the vehicle is prepared for wax or restorative services.

Engine Detail

Treat your vehicle’s engine bay to some much-deserved love. We carefully protect electronics before steam cleaning the surfaces. Boar Hairbrushes and natural cleaners remove grease, grime, and oil.

Wheel Removal and Decontamination

Automotive enthusiasts love their wheels. But not as much as we do! The vehicle is lifted and all four wheels are removed. We thoroughly clean the wheels, removing iron fallout and leaving a brilliant shine.