Car Restoration Charleston

Step 3: Restore

The Restore stage is considered an emergency procedure. When paint is neglected from the Clean & Protect steps, harsh contaminants etch, mar, and scratch paint leaving it dull and unsightly. Performed correctly, the Restore stage can breathe much needed life into oxidized and defected paint.

Restoration Services

Paint Correction

Involves shaving a very fine layer of clear coat or paint from the vehicle. This “levels” the paint leaving it defect free. Please contact us to schedule an inspection of your car’s paint as paint correction often times requires multiple steps and cannot be quoted without seeing its current condition.

Paint Touch-Up

On our Lowcountry roads, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the inevitable paint chip. Rocks, rogue shopping carts, and tight parking spaces can cause deep scratches that cannot be removed by paint correction.

Paintless Dent Removal

Remove unsightly dings and dents without compromising the factory finish of your paint. Please schedule an inspection to receive a quote for your vehicle.

Headlamp Restoration

Sun exposure, traffic conditions, salt air, and time can make your headlights hazy, reducing the effectiveness of your lights creating potentially dangerous night driving conditions. Headlamp restoration is also a quick way to return your car back to like-new condition.

Trim Revival

Just like the headlights, the exterior trim becomes oxidized and faded. We can bring these back to a subtle sheen.