Paint Correction

The Paint Correction Process

Elliot Remington provides the car detailing Charleston services your vehicle craves to maintain its value. We are paint correction specialists. Our team will revitalize your vehicle’s paint to its factory color. There are many factors that can cause defects to your vehicle’s paint including high humidity, high temperatures, salt air, hazardous elements on the road and more. As auto enthusiasts, we take great pride in restoring your vehicle’s paint and preserving it to protect your investment.

Paint correction will bring your vehicle’s paint back to life. Our team at Elliot Remington takes great pride in perfecting your vehicle’s paint. We use advanced technology to decontaminate your paint and remove any defects or flaws from your paints exterior. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. We use the highest grade products available on the market and you’ll be able to see that with our results. We highly recommend adding Ceramic Pro or Clear Bra to preserve your vehicle’s paint. Come see our expert staff and let our team take care of all your car detailing Charleston needs.

Stage 1

Paint Correction package is broken down into three different levels. We begin with a thorough exterior car wash removing all dirt and debris from your vehicle’s paint. Next we begin the clay bar decontamination. The clay bar sticks to tiny particles that cannot be removed with a typical wash and attaches to them to clean your paint. It helps remove hard rail dust, sap, mulch, dirt and debris. Once we perform the clay bar decontamination, we polish your vehicle for added shine. We polish and degrease the tires and rims and clean the windows.

Stage 2

The second level of our Paint Correction package is our compound and polish. If you’ve been searching for the best car detailing Charleston has to offer, this is it. We’ll remove up to 80% of swirls and scratches from your vehicle’s paint. Our compound will remove oxidation from your vehicle’s paint and leave you paint looking as good new. When it comes to removing those dreaded swirls that plague your vehicle’s paint, this will do it. We’ve performed countless paint correction applications and guarantee to get your vehicle’s paint back to its factory color.

Stage 3

The third level of our Paint Correction package includes adding on a sealant for added shine and polish. We highly recommend upgrading to a Ceramic Pro Sport Package. The Ceramic Pro Sport package includes a ceramic coating that will keep your vehicle’s protected for six months. It has hydrophobic properties that make dirt and grime fall right off. Washing your car will become a breeze and your vehicle will have added shine and gloss. Come see our expert staff at Elliot Remington for the best car detailing Charleston has to offer. Protect your investment with Ceramic Pro today! 


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The team at ER are one of the select few installers certified by Ceramic Pro in South Carolina.  In order to maintain our partnership, a very rigorous process and level of standards must be upheld.