After Care

At Elliot Remington, we understand the importance of car maintenance and after care. Our mission is to provide automotive aficionados with the highest quality asset management care by carefully selecting the best aftercare products and incorporating specific methodology to ensure all of our client vehicles are kept in the best possible conditions. We offer complete car maintenance services to preserve your investment.

We offer a variety of services to protect your investment. Our team offers transportation, project management, service concierge, window tinting, consulting and low voltage installations. We have a passion for automotive perfection and take the steps necessary to ensure your vehicle looks its best.


Door-to-door service for your vehicle. Expertise in local, regional, or long haul enclosed transport.

Project Management

Installation of additional horsepower components, aftermarket aero-aesthetics, and wheels. Elliot Remington will develop a comprehensive plan for your upcoming project.

Service Concierge

From service appointments to detailing, the Elliot Remington team will coordinates pick-up and delivery of your vehicle to and from the location of your choosing.

Window Tinting

Utilizing the finest industry materials, Elliot Remington will install window film which will last the lifetime of your vehicle.


Planning on buying or selling your vehicle? Utilizing a worldwide network of dealers and collectors, Elliot Remington can source the vehicle of your dreams or find a home for your current vehicle.

Low-voltage installations

From aftermarket lighting to interior modifications, the Elliot Remington team is experienced and meticulous when it comes to handling installations across the board.

Elliot Remington is your preferred HRE Performance Wheels Distributor