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de·tail·ing / ˈdē-ˌtāl-iŋ:

extended treatment of, or attention to particular items; the small elements that collectively constitute a work of art

At Elliot Remington, we believe in the preservation of automotive art. Our Clean, Protect, Restore (CPR) philosophy introduces the foundation to proper technique and selection of the best auto care products.

CPR Methodology

We believe proper paint care can provide automotive owners with many years of shine and lustre, enhancing the appearance of any vehicle while protecting it from harsh road and environmental contaminants. Using our three-step method, we combine the best products, technical application, and knowledge to all of our detailing services. Clean, Protect, Restore (CPR) establishes the foundation for the Elliot Remington appearance program.


Step 1 to proper paint care begins with removal of harmful road grime and dirt which may have collected through daily use or while in storage.  This is far from your average “car wash”.


Step 2 in the Elliot Remington appearance program. Utilizing industry-leading waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings, we specialize in ensuring your exterior paint looks show quality for years to come


Step 3 and the final step and considered emergency services. Using a variety of techniques, compounds, and specialized tools, we have the ability to remove “scarring”, “swirl marks”, “micro-scratches”, and “oxidization”.


The team at ER are one of the select few installers certified by Ceramic Pro in South Carolina.  In order to maintain our partnership, a very rigorous process and level of standards must be upheld.

Elliot Remington now offers mobile detailing.