Paint Correction Charleston

When it comes to paint correction Charleston, no one offers the same level of service as our detailers at Elliot Remington. We want to preserve and protect the value of your vehicle. Adding one of our paint correction Charleston packages to your vehicle will remove swirling, marring and other defects from your vehicle’s paint. The paint correction process is broken down into three levels. It begins with a thorough exterior car wash and clay bar decontamination. Next, we begin our compound and polish which will remove scratches, defects, and oxidation from your vehicle’s paint and bring it back to its factory color. Finally, we add a sealant for added shine and protection. We highly recommend pairing our paint correction package with a Ceramic Pro Sport to give your vehicle protection that lasts. Your search for the best paint correction Charleston has to offer ends with our team at Elliot Remington. Let us serve you.

paint correction charleston

Preserve the value of your vehicle and schedule an appointment to correct your vehicle’s paint today.