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stor·age / noun:

the act of storing; state or fact of being stored; capacity or space for storing

Secure, climate-controlled Storage

Pre-Storage Prep

  • Condition photographed and logged
  • Unique ID assigned, keys tagged, and a record created
  • Engine fluid levels and battery health checked
  • Tire pressures checked and adjusted for storage to avoid flat spots
  • Automatic battery conditioner connected
  • Email updates sent with photographs for total peace of mind

Storage Maintenance

  • High security, discreet location
  • Individual generously sized bays for each vehicle
  • Daily checks All storage areas inspected a minimum of twice daily
  • Every 7 days battery charger and drip trays inspected
  • Every 60 days – fluids and pressures checked, engine started to lightly exercise mechanical and electrical components. Any defects noted and notified to client with suggested remedy

Departure Protocol

  • Registration and Insurance paperwork verified
  • Battery, lights, and horn checked
  • Fluid levels adjusted as needed
  • Tire pressures set for road use
  • Interior and Exterior finished on request
  • Quality check performed prior to hand over
  • Door-to-Door delivery service available or collect from us