XPEL Clear Bra - Bumper Kit

Elliot Remington has high end Llumar and XPEL clear bra films to provide elite protection for Charleston and South Carolina. Our shop provides high-end clear bra film for any portion of a vehicle. From the bumper to entire vehicles, our services provide paint protection film to protect areas against rock chips, road salt, insect acids, tree sap, scratching, swirling, marring and more! Our film is backed by a ten year manufacturer’s warranty against cracking, peeling and de-lamination.

Llumar and XPEL clear bra films are two of the leaders in the paint protection world. These films add a coat of paint protection to any surface of a vehicle. For the bumper package, we apply a film of your choosing over the bumper section of your car. This film adds a level of protection in one of the most vulnerable areas of a vehicle against road projectiles. For a free quote for the clear bra bumper protection needs of your vehicle, please click here.

Included in package:

  • Bumper
  • Protection from Rock Chips, Insect Acids and Dirt
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty

XPEL Clear Bra Paint Protection

xpel clear bra